• Lipetsk city dental clinic №2.Highly qualified specialists. Newest technologies. Patient care.

  • Hollywood smile.Whitening and restoration of teeth. Laser contouring of the gums.

  • Treatment of teeth and gums.Treatment of caries, pulpitis, periodontitis

The cost of our services is completely objective. This means that we provide treatment so that you do not have to pay for it again.Подробнее

Optimal price

The cost of services, justified by the high quality of work

You are in good hands
Our clinic brings together the best highly qualified universal doctors and highly specialized specialists from the city of Lipetsk.Подробнее

Experienced professionals

Highly qualified medical staff

Solution to dental problems
Our clinic has a wide range of services for treatment, prosthetics and implantation. Coming to us, you will forget about a toothache!Подробнее

Healthy teeth

Dental clinic number 2
is a guarantee of your healthy smile
Dental clinic number 2 is a care for the health of your teeth

foto   GAUZ "Dental clinic number 2" offers a full range of services for diagnostics, treatment, prosthetics, teeth whitening in Lipetsk .

   The clinic is equipped with the latest technology: ortapantomograph X-ray machine for obtaining panoramic images of the jaw area; the latest lasers for surgical procedures, teeth whitening; own machine for turning and milling oxide blanks zirconium, which allows us to produce strong and beautiful crowns for our patients in the shortest possible time. Treatment is carried out using modern anesthetics, so that patients in the dentists chair feel comfortable. We use quality materials and provide a guarantee for the services rendered.

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    Doctors of all dental specialties work for you: therapists, orthopedists, periodontists, surgeons only about fifty specialists. Most of them highly qualified doctors with extensive work experience. The prices for paid services in our clinic are favorable distinguish it from other dental institutions in Lipetsk.

    Employees of Dental Clinic No. 2 try to do everything possible so that their patients forget about toothache and can smile more often.

  • +7 (4742) 33-54-35, 32-01-14
  • Lipetsk, Cosmonauts street, 37/5